Character Lookup

Name: Arcken
Old Name:
Level: 551
Magic Level: 32
Vocation: Lord Paladin (VIP)
Guild: Leader of Old Times
Gender: Male
Residence: Solaris
Position: Player
Status: Offline
Last Login: 6th February 2023 13:12:42
Online Bonus: 11
Warnings: 0
Fist: 10
Club: 10
Sword: 10
Axe: 10
Distance: 136
Shielding: 10
Fishing: 10

Special Skills

Mugen Shiki= 1X
Sons Ocultos
Odama Rasenshuriken
Danca dos Ossos
Divine Caldera
Aura Bow
Vento Cortante
Change Corpse
Anti Exiva= 3X
Aegis of the Immortal= 1X
Thunder Storm= 3X


1st February 2023 05:07:29 Killed at level 557 by Storm Shadow
27th January 2023 05:49:28 Killed at level 551 by Monster Rattus
26th January 2023 22:34:19 Killed at level 551 by Hancock
25th January 2023 07:25:13 Killed at level 477 by Infinitas Flechas
25th January 2023 02:50:38 Killed at level 445 by Baronesa
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