Character Lookup

Name: Knaite Fortaum
Old Name:Duff
Level: 487
Magic Level: 11
Vocation: Monster Knight (VIP)
Guild: Sentinel of Most Valuable Players
Gender: Male
Residence: Solaris
Position: Player
Status: Offline
Last Login: 25th September 2021 09:58:51
Online Bonus: 12
Warnings: 0
Fist: 40
Club: 10
Sword: 13
Axe: 128
Distance: 10
Shielding: 113
Fishing: 10

Special Skills

Yahumuki= 1X
Explosão de Meteoros
Tremor Fortificado
Aura Axe
Vento Cortante
Change Corpse
Gran Aura


25th September 2021 09:04:15 Killed at level 494 by Dark Demon
25th September 2021 09:00:04 Killed at level 501 by Banshee
24th September 2021 23:12:50 Killed at level 500 by Dark Demon
24th September 2021 22:04:58 Killed at level 495 by Dark Demon
24th September 2021 21:52:16 Killed at level 502 by The Archer
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